Iva Slateloose

/ January 21, 2019


The RFL have released an app called ourleague.com. In future RFL central funding for Championship clubs will, in part, be determined by how many followers registered as Oldham fans sign up. Rugby Oldham would urge as many as possible to...

/ December 17, 2018

Iva Slateloose

I love it when coaches or officials get in a tangle.

/ December 11, 2018

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Events coming up (details on Events calendar): Friday 2nd November – Past Players Association Dinner Sunday 4th November – Junior Final Day at Saddleworth Rangers Friday 9th November – ORLFC Awards Night at Vestacare Stadium

/ October 12, 2018


Oldham Rugby League Heritage Trust announce the launch of a new book. Compiled by Oldham RLFC historian Michael Turner the book charts the part played by Oldham RL players in the 1st World War. Coinciding with the anniversary of the...

/ October 10, 2018

Iva Slateloose 05/08/18

YET MORE WIT & WISDOM FROM AROUND THE WORLD ON COACHING I never predict anything except that we’ll play tough on Sunday. If you don’t predict too much you don’t have to take anything back. Jack Gibson I left because...

/ August 5, 2018


Rugby Oldham Supporters Trust are pleased to announce their sponsorship of Ben West for season 2018. We wish him a successful season in Oldham Roughyed colours. Our previous sponsorships include sponsoring the entire Reserve side when the club ran an...

/ June 23, 2018

24th June Rugby Oldham AGM

The Rugby Oldham AGM was held at the Royal Oak, Rhodes Bank on Thursday 24th June at 8pm. Those Board members who were standing for re-election were unanimously approved there being no other nominations.  The members concerned were David Blackburn,...

/ June 22, 2018

Iva Slateloose

They let me out. A lot’s happened in the world of RL since I was last around. Who would have thought a team from Toronto (in Canada !!??) would play at Batley? Mind you, it’s more credible than Batley visiting...

/ June 20, 2018