It’s our Trust, help us build a better future for rugby in Oldham for everyone by becoming a member.

In order for our Trust to be prosperous and beneficial to rugby at all levels in Oldham, we’re proud to welcome you, your family and your business into our community. We value members from all walks of life and with all kinds of experiences. Whether you’re a player, a supporter or hoping to learn more there’s a place for you in our Trust.

We believe in strength in numbers, and with your help we can meet our objectives and create a thriving and vibrant group which progresses the enjoyment of Rugby League across the borough of Oldham.

With your financial support we’ll be able to cover all of the expenses of running the Trust and be able to initiate major fundraising and campaigning events that will be crucial to achieving our goal. As we are a non-profit organisation, all of the funds raised will be solely used for achieving the aims and objectives of the Trust.

Would you like to join us – then click here to complete your application – it is quick and simple.

Posted by Dave Naylor