I love it when coaches or officials get in a tangle. How about …?

a) Right, lads, I want 80 per cent commitment for 100 minutes.
b) Right, lads, spread out in a bunch.
c) Get your first tackle in early, even if it’s late.

Even journalists can be victims of a mix-up. One such reported that, “Wigan were denied a try when the referee missed a palpable trip on Dean Bell as the centre burst through.” It appeared in the paper as, “Wigan were denied a try when the referee, Mr Palpable Tripp, missed a trip on Dean Bell as the centre burst through.

A well known prop forward was recruited by Oxford University to coach their pack before the annual Varsity match against Cambridge. Because the Oxford forwards were a bit raw, to say the least, it was decided to field the coach in a warm-up game against Loughborough.

However, as this was strictly illegal in university rugby, Oxford’s team captain told his coach to be very careful what he said at the post-match reception.

“In fact, if you can, answer everything either ‘yes’ or `no’ “

This was going alright until someone asked, “and what are you studying, then?“SUMS” came the reply.

Posted by Geoff Cooke